About Me / Frequently Asked Questions:

Cosplay Alias: Sketch
Age: 35
Cosplaying Since: 2004
Competition Level: Master's Division
Location: New England, United States
Education: B.A. in Illustration
Occupation: Flute Maker
Relationship Status: Married
Other Places To Find Me:

Guest Bio:
Sketch is a New England based artist and prop maker who earned his BFA in illustration in 2004. Since then he has been a regular personality on the East Coast convention circuit, selling his work in artist's alley, hosting his popular interactive panel "Props and S#!t," and appearing around the convention in his cosplay creations. Some of his most successful costumes include award-winners Vash the Stampede, Lynx from Chrono Cross, the full-suited light-up robot Canti from FLCL, and Aion the Sinner from Chrono Crusade which featured fully expandable wings. In 2009, Sketch raised the bar for himself when he built a full-scale replica TARDIS from the British science fiction series, Doctor Who. Featuring functional lights and sound, the TARDIS made its debut at Anime Boston 2009 and for the past few years has appeared at many conventions around New England. A performer at heart, Sketch can often be found performing improv as a regular cast member of Anime Unscripted, hosting various dating games as Jiraya from Naruto, hamming it up in cosplay chess matches, and strutting his stuff in masquerades. He has also served as co-host of the AnimeConsTV monthly podcast since its inception in January 2009. Find out more about Sketch and his work at Sketchedoutlife.com.

Did your parents really name you "Sketch?"
For the last time - NO!

Can you make me a prop or draw me artwork?
Do you have money? Yes? OK, e-mail me and we'll talk. :)

Can I borrow your TARDIS? I'll bring it back, promise.
After making many appearances at conventions, weddings, and other events, the TARDIS has found it's pool and been retired as a permanently installed pool house, so it is no longer available for events.

Can we invite you to be a guest?
Sure! I've served as a guest for several conventions, hosting panels and events, judging masquerade performances, and selling my artwork. If you'd like to ask me to be a guest, please send me an e-mail.

What's your webcomic about?
I'd say it's about me, but it's really not. It's a caricature version of me and my life which is a lot more interesting and ultimately funnier than reality.

What do you call a robot held together by duct tape?
OK, now that's just mean.

I still have questions!
Then e-mail me at [email protected]